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APEX Solutions…  relying on a seasoned solutions partner like APEX with its suite of mature and field-proven Service Ready Solutions may be the difference between success and uncertainty, customer satisfaction and a negative experience.

With uncertain revenue growth prospects from their consumer market, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are shifting their attention to the more stable Enterprise market. However, in this market, profitability lies in the ability to target specific customer segments and offer a unique portfolio of revenue-generating and value-added services (VAS) that complement existing capabilities, leading to sustainable profitability growth. Three such segments are the micro, small, and medium Enterprises.

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With the increased use of smartphones, tablets, and other network-accessible mobile devices, and a corresponding growth in the usage of mobile video, mobile network traffic is growing exponentially. This in turn is forcing Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to manage their networks more efficiently so they can better meet the growing demands of their subscribers. Ironically, even though MNOs are finding their networks becoming overloaded because of increased usage, the increasing traffic is not increasing revenue, and there is also growing competition for subscribers. This means that MNOs are having to carry more data while earning less revenue per subscriber.

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The manner in which incoming calls are handled is a key part of running a successful Enterprise, regardless of its size. However, for micro- and small-Enterprises, such as individuals, start-ups, or small office/home offices, when incoming calls are answered efficiently and in a consistent manner, callers feel confident that they are dealing with a well-organized and professional Enterprise, which can also often impart the impression of a larger Enterprise.

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The opportunity to speak with your subscriber in real-time, when you want to or need to, is decreasing rapidly. Even with traditional outbound telemarketing, the success rate is less than 30% when it comes to reaching a live person. Other than leaving a message hoping to get a return call, how can today’s Network Operators increase their chances of getting time-sensitive messages heard by their subscribers in real-time?

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No matter what your business, excellent customer service is crucial to your continued success. It not only increases customer satisfaction, but leads to repeat business and builds loyalty, which is what every business wants. In fact, according to Customer Service, 91.5 percent of customers are unlikely to recommend your company after a bad customer service incident.  Although customer service comes in many forms, at some point all customers call on the phone. It is at this point that the APEX Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) begins your excellent customer service. By connecting your customer with the right department, agent or IVR application in the shortest possible time, you are delivering an exceptional experience to every customer who calls.

APEX Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

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Successful businesses have a lot of internal interaction between employees, as well as external interaction with customers and vendors. In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, face-to-face meetings are not always feasible, especially due to high travel costs and delays. Adding Web Collaboration to conference calls minimizes the need for travel yet can help businesses reach higher levels of productivity with improved meeting quality, while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Virtual meetings are made possible by APEX Web Collaboration with the main advantage being the convenience of working together, despite not being physically present. Anyone, anytime, from anywhere can now present dynamic online events and webinars, deliver online training and eLearning experiences, provide outstanding remote technical support, and share knowledge, experience and ideas visually across the business. Almost anything can be done with APEX Web Collaboration that can be done in person, minus the travel, which has its own benefit of reducing the carbon footprint.

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Mobile phone users customize their handsets to suit their personality from the moment it is purchased. Whether it is the color (skin) of the phone, ring tones, logos, screensavers, or special animation, the handsets has now become an extension of the user's personality.

The next evolution in handset personalization, multimedia ringback tones (MRBT), or color ringback tones (CRBT), allows for users to customize what the calling party hears or sees with video, music, promotional sound clips or voices. Instead of the familiar ring-tone, a particular video clip, music, message or other personalized audio content is heard or seen by the calling party while they wait for the call to be answered.

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Prepaid telecommunications services made their big debut when prepaid calling cards were introduced back in the late 1980s. Service providers who offered these cards realized there was a large untapped market of "financially challenged" users eager to pay for services in advance, and prepaid services expanded from simple calling cards to prepaid mobile, prepaid local, prepaid Internet, and a host of prepaid enhanced services.

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