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APEX Solutions…  relying on a seasoned solutions partner like APEX with its suite of mature and field-proven Service Ready Solutions may be the difference between success and uncertainty, customer satisfaction and a negative experience.

Prepaid telecommunications services made their big debut when prepaid calling cards were introduced back in the late 1980s. Service providers who offered these cards realized there was a large untapped market of "financially challenged" users eager to pay for services in advance, and prepaid services expanded from simple calling cards to prepaid mobile, prepaid local, prepaid Internet, and a host of prepaid enhanced services.

The APEX Prepaid System (APS), based on the industry leading OmniVox3D Application Server, provides service providers with a carrier-grade platform that handles all their prepaid needs. APS is a powerful real-time authentication and rating platform that scales from one million minutes to over 100 million per month, and can run an almost limitless variety of prepaid voice and video services. APS also has a multitude of rating techniques making even the most complex rating schemes easy to implement.

As with all enhanced services, prepaid is considered mission-critical and any downtime is lost revenue. Therefore, APS can reside on fault-tolerant servers from either Stratus or NEC, which provide five-nine (99.999%) uptime for unmatched stability and reliability.

APS is a transaction-based rating platform that meets key requirements of service providers, including extensive reporting capabilities, journaling of all data entry and secure partitioning of data for multiple wholesalers. It offers flexible rating schemes, multi-level marketing, real-time verification of usage patterns, rating in different currencies and worldwide localization support for time, date and currency.

APS' modular software design and scalable client-server distributed architecture is ideal for both the small startup company and the industry leaders with millions of subscribers. APS can be interfaced to the IP networks, SS7 ISUP Loopback or IN platforms.

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