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APEX Platforms…  Service Delivery Platform, Application Server, and Service Creation Environment, seamlessly working together making voice, video, SMS/text and USSD services simpler and more profitable to offer.

The combination of voice and video, referred to as Video IVR or Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR), is an exciting technology that combines the simplicity of traditional Voice IVR with the advanced video capabilities offered by 3G handsets and SIP telephones. Video IVR adds a new personalized dimension to voice-only calls, dramatically enhancing the user-experience and ease of use, leading to increased, high-revenue traffic.

As voice and video are treated the same in OmniVox3D®, the core component of the APEX Service Delivery Platform (APEX SDP™), video services too can be designed, developed and delivered using the built-in, browser-based OmniView® Service Creation Environment, minimizing time-to-market while maximizing ROI. Additionally, with OmniVox3D supporting automated speech recognition for hands-free navigation, the user-experience is even further enhanced, leading to increased subscriber loyalty.

Since video services are delivered to the subscriber over a standard 3G video call, Video IVR works the same on all handsets. Video calls, unlike streamed internet content, put the application logic on the OmniVox3D Application Server, eliminating the need to repurpose content and applications for each of the over 200 different handsets available today. This makes the handset the ultimate thin client for videos and video gaming. OmniVox3D takes the intelligence away from the handsets, and puts it back in the network, increasing the number and type of services a service provider can offer.

Video IVR is made possible with the combination of the OmniVox3D Application Server's technologically rich architecture and the video features provided by the open standards-based (i.e. MSCML, MSML/MOML, VXML) media servers. OmniVox3D supports the industry standard 3G-324M protocol and interoperates with terminals ranging from SIP Video phones to 3G mobile phones.

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